Marikina Amphitheater

The Marikina Amphitheater, a place for recreation, fun and entertainment!


A spacious area inside the Marikina Riverbanks center. A favorite hang out of friends, families, and entertainment activities like concerts and other shows.

It doesn’t get crowded during the weekends where a lot of families flock this area for their weekend get togethers.


This is also where the annual Christmas countdown and  end of the year fireworks display is held. Its also a nice place to have your pre-nup photo shoot!

Check out the place at night where a lot of lovers take their places and watch the great view of the sky.


3 thoughts on “Marikina Amphitheater

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    Wisconsin is a Four Season Wonderland that borders two of the five Great Lakes, Our State is rich in arts, historic & cultural, where you can find great adventures for the whole family.

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