Marikina Riverbanks Center

The Marikina Riverbanks Center or just Riverbanks is a one of the  major areas for Marikenyos and  tourist here in the City.

mainRiverbanks Center was once an Industrial Complex for Universal Textiles, Asia’s largest textile mills company.

The vast area is now comprised of different establishments and “hang-outs”. In 2008, it was declared as Metro Manila’s latest developing business district.

You’ll find the following here at the Marikina Riverbanks Center:


  • Restos and dinning places (as of posting time)
    • Dencios
    • Station Grill
    • Taverna
    • The studio
    • Figaro
    • Jollibee
    • BentoMoto
    • Tropical Hut (the second branch here in Marikina)
  • A lot more!


I’ll be writing separate posts about the spots here at the riverbanks so watch out for that!


Riverbanks Center Contact Information:

Riverbanks Center Office is located at E-com Bldg., A. Bonifacio Ave., Marikina City, Philippines 1803
Telephone no.: 570-0701 Telefax: 570-0701 Loc. 150

Leasing Department Tel. no.: 570-0701 Loc. 322 & 323 Direct Line: 948-9798
Ad & PR Department Tel. no.: 570-0701 Loc. 332 to 334




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