Marikina City Hall

Welcome to the Marikina City Hall


I’ve seen the City Hall changed from being a “Munisipyo” to this grand structure as Marikina City Progressed.

There are a lot of offices inside the City Hall. Mostly for admin functions. What I like about this place is that it’s spacious and seems to be  “people friendly”.

Marikenyos will also be entertained as a giant TV is provided inside the waiting area.

However, please note that if you want to enter the city hall, you need to be in “Proper Attire”. As one of the signs says “Magbihis ng Angkop”. I’ve experienced not being able to enter the City hall due to this ruling. For me, its just proper.  I mean, don’t go to the city hall wearing shorts and slippers. I know you are comfortable wearing those (I am..). But hey, as what former mayor BF would say, dress properly so that you would be given the proper respect and attention. And its right. I’ve also experienced being somewhat “neglected” for not being in the proper attire.

Doesn’t the Catholic Church also prescribe a “proper attire” when hearing mass?

If you want to a list of the offices and their corresponding phone numbers inside the Marikina City Hall, download it here.

Where is Marikina City Hall? Its just beside the Marikina Sports center.


2 thoughts on “Marikina City Hall

  1. Mrs. Mayor:

    I am writing as a mother and a proud Marikina city citizen. I would like to ask what was the reason behind the unscheduled and unannounced demolition of our PROVIDENT village guardhouse last March 17, 2009.

    I believe that as a tax payer and resident of Marikina, I deserve to get a proper explanation of such action. I do not remember getting any notice from the City Government of such demolition schedule. Is there a court order for this?

    I could not help but feel that my family was robbed off of the opportunity to understand what is/was behind all this surprising decision from the city government.

    Thank you and I look forward to be enlightened and to hearing from the city government soon.
    Kind Regards,

    Karen Tanchanco-Caballero

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