Krung Thai

Krung Thai… well from the name itself, you’ll already know that its a thai resto. 


And its been in Marikina for 13 long  years now.. but i was only able to eat here last week! hahaha!

I wasn’t able to take a picture inside their menu but i’ll just talk about the great dishes that we ordered.


Shanghai Spring rolls. Shanghai rolls with clear noodles inside.


Pad Thai – one of their best sellers. Its a mixture of string beans with egg and noodles. You can also choose to add the spice and nuts at your liking. 


Another best seller is their bagoong rice. And truly it was delicious! You can even eat the rice without any other dish with it. But i ordered a meal. Bagoong rice with Thai Curry.


As expected, the thai curry was HOOOOOOOOOT and delicous! But i hope they lessen the round egg plant that comes with it. hahaha

To ease the burning sensation, make sure you order the Iced tea Thai style. Its like chowking’s Nai cha but better. 


I payed P180.00 for the Bagoong rice and Thai curry plus the Iced Tea. I say not bad.

The place is small so if you plan on going here for lunch or dinner, better be here early coz it really gets FULL quickly.


Krung Thai is located at the corner of W.Paz And M. Cruz Sts.. in Sta. Elena,Marikina City



6 thoughts on “Krung Thai

  1. We’re from Marikina & have tried this very authentic Thai restaurant. I agree, the food was good & the price reasonable. I believe the exact address & location is missing in your post above. Thanks for all the info about Marikina City!

  2. Krung Thai is located at the corner of W.Paz And M. Cruz Sts.. in Sta. Elena,Marikina City. Food is sooo good especially the seafood rice,,, i love it!

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