Marikina River Park (Ilog)

Welcome to Marikina River Park.


Its more commonly known as Ilog to local residents. 

Barangay Tanong and Barangay Sto Nino is linked by the Marikina bridge


There are a lot of establishments beside the river. From restaurants, bars and grills, to simple eateries and carinderias.


You can even find the floating restaurant here (although it is now closed and will be relocated at the RiverBanks).


Its also where you will find the Roman Garden.


There are two ways of crossing the other side of the river. First you can walk using the man made bridges. Or you can use a boat.



You will also find rest rooms along the stretch of the River Park.


The Marikina River park is alive 24 hours a day. Specially during Christmas Season where the park turns into the famous Marikina Night Market.


13 thoughts on “Marikina River Park (Ilog)

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  2. hi. im a student from pup and im conducting a term paper research about marikina tiangge. i would like to ask help from you po to know how this annual thing happened and also what are the policies followed by the vendors. or maybe an office where i can set an appointment and ask it all. i am hoping for your immediate respond. thank you and god bless

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