Biksa Coffee

Liveblogging at Biksa Coffee.


I’m with my Marikina Valley friends, Jabey and Dennis.

We ordered:

  • Almond Caramel Mocha (139)
  • Tinyland Mudcake (139)
  • Iced Choco Unleashed (125/139)
  • Pasta ala Biska (189)
  • Pizza ala Biska (125)
  • Spagetti bolognese (169)
  • Strawberry cheesecake (115)

Quick review:

  • Their frappes has a strong coffee taste.  
  • Thier pizza is quite thin – and expensive.
  • The biska pasta was like carbonara but instead of bacon or fish, it’s sprinkled with longanisa. 
  • The Spag is full of pork giniling.
  • Strawberry cheesecake – overflowing with strawberry toppings.. the cheese was not that exciting.
  • Free Fast open Wi-fi (GREAT!).


I was so excited to dine here at Biksa coz a lot of people have been recommending this place. However, The only thing that makes me smile here are the following:

  • Fast and Free wi-fi 
  • The nice service that they give
  • and their furnitures and fixtures which Aileen fell in love with when she went there. 

Aside from that, you’ll hear the words “ordinary” and “expensive” from me.

Pasta ala Biska was ordinary. Nothing distinct or nothing that would make you order it again. Put some more flavor in it and lessen the “sauce”. The price of 189.00 is expensive. The spag was even cheaper than this one. 


At least the Spag bolognese had a lot of “ingredients”. Make the sauce more enticing. I just know the word but i don’t know what you’ll put there to make that happen. The price is ok.


The pizza.  Looks good on the menu but was on the verge of being a soda cracker with bits of toppings. I was really dissapointed about the Biksa Pizza. Although we were already warned that its only good for one person I didn’t think that it would be like this. Tomato paste with onions and longanisa for P125? If it was cheaper, then maybe it would be ok. Maybe you could bring it down to 55.00 or 65.00.


I didn’t try their coffe. But i think that’s their best seller (well that’s why they’re called Biksa Coffee right?). Next time i’ll try it. They also have sandwiches.

Oh, the ambiance would surely knock out competitors.

You can check out their website with their online menu here.


17 thoughts on “Biksa Coffee

  1. I didn’t get to taste any of their food and I just drank hot tea when I went. Too bad the food isn’t great, but I think I’d still hang around because of the wifi! (They can pay me to teach team how to make proper spag!). Lolz.

  2. It’s primarily a coffee shop and so I think that’s where their strong point is. I don’t think I’ll go there to dine and eat. I’d rather stay there to have a cup of coffee or tea 😉

    Overall, okey naman experience ko… 😉

  3. anyway, i find this article quite funny 🙂 hahaha! seems like you dont know really know the real ingredients of some recipe you mentioned. in fairness, “good guess” 🙂

    –its noT tomato sauce.. try another “guess”

    –its noT the typical “spag” you know. try to research it:)

    –besides, if you cant afford dining in such place, then it’s NOT biksa’s fault. “guess whos fault is it :)”

    –i think you really have a nice and valid to reason come back to biksa. TO REDEEM YOURSELF 🙂

  4. ulap9999.

    Yup. i dont know the real ingredients. You can call it a guess, but its more of what i think it tasted like. If i did more research on it, malamang mas maraming negative akong nasabi. 😛

    Think positive… if biksa will react negatively, it won’t help.

    And, kanya kanya naman tayo ng panlasa.. wag ipilit ang pag hindi nagustuhan diba?

    lastly, tama, if i can’t afford dining in Biksa.. mag titimpla na lang ako ng cold Milo drink sa bahay.

  5. I haven’t been here… medyo odd yung place nila though yeah along JP rizal pero di parin pansinin… but a nice hang out place for young adults 🙂

  6. hi! this post is really helpful. thanks! i also think that since this is your blog, you have the right to post your honest opinion and observation. 😉 it would be wonderful if they can improve on their food (if it’s really as ‘ordinary’ as you described them to be. hehe.) but since this was posted 2 years ago, I’m somehow hoping they’ve improved na and i hope to drop by soon. 🙂

  7. walang pinagkaiba sa ibang coffee… ambiance lng tlga! mahal p ng fudz! hnd nman masarap… hnggng presentation lng. kht ung latte’s, smoothies. msyadong palasak.

    pang shooting lng tlga! dpt dun sa doktor na nagyayabang na xa dw ang owner na mukang hndi nman…

    mga barista??? ang aangas! hnd nman magaling sa kape!

    pde dun mgdala ng kabet! pra nktago.. hehehehe

  8. @proky

    Do you even know the people there? Kung magsalita ka parang alam mo lahat no? Barista ka ba? May business ka ba? Kung wala kang masabing maganda…please lang…tumigil ka. Look at yourself first before you say anything about anybody.

  9. Comfirmed, maangas yung isang waiter dito. Head waiter ata yun. Regular customer pa naman ako. Naka strike 2 na sya saken. I’m never going back!!!

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