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Marikina City Website (2014)

Marikina City Website (2014)

Marikina City’s website back in 2009


The City’s website won the 2008 BEST e-LGU Website (City Category) and became a finalist in 2009 for the same category.

The Marikina City Website is your window to Marikina City news and e-services such as:



10 thoughts on “Marikina City Website

  1. bakit nakakalusot sa marikina ang walang business permit ngperenovate ng bahy after gwin nilipatan ng occupancy permit walng inspection from marikina city hall and meralco walang bagong kuntador samantalng kmi dumaan sa preseso ito hndi mn lng mkita residencial house ni mr ryan lopez at dragon st… kindly inspect to believe they transfer to thier new house w/o any inspection and permit

  2. Bakit po hindi ko pa natatanggap notice na may package ako sa post office ng marikina tagal na pinadala dito galing united postal service yung nagpadala na track nya na nandito na sa philippines june 14 pa yun anong date na ngayon almost mag 1 month na snbi ng united postal na 5 to 10 days lng yun ano ba kailangan pumunta sa post office o tinatamad lng pumunta ng post man dito sa provident? Bayad nman yung package na yun ha paki sbi lng sa nakaassign na postman sa provident. Salamat sana magawan ng action

  3. Meron akong check na hinihintay from sss.unfortunately lumipat kami ng house from marikina to qc nung second week ng per our contact from sss aug.5 nagawa ang check nadeliver sya aug.7 but since nakaalis na kami walang nag receive at bumalik sa post office.kanina,aug.13 pumunta kami sa post office sa NIA road pero sabi ng contact person namin dun nadispatch na pabalik ng marikina post office.dun nlng daw namin puntahan.pag punta namin sa marikina post office merong empleyadong nagngangalang LUDY GUARTE sa window 11 na hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit sya galit at nakasigaw habang nagtatanong kami.maaga pa dun pero tamad na tamad kumilos at hanapin yung check na kailangan ko.pinagpipilitan nya na wala daw dumating samantalang sinabi na samin ng contact namin from quezon city na dun namin makukuha.inutos din ng boss nya na tawagan ang contact namin sa post office sa quezon city to confirm pero hindi nya ginawa. ganyan ba magtrabaho ang mga taga gobyerno lalo na sa marikina.first time ko naka encounter ng empleyado ng gobyerno na ganun ugali lalong lalo na sa marikina.pede ko bang ipaalala sayo LUDY na ang sweldo mo ay galing sa buwis na kinakaltas sa sweldo namin.kami na nagtatrabaho sa pribadong kumpanya ang nagbabayad ng sweldo mo kaya umayos ka.tandaan mo kung wala kaming mga nagtatrabaho sa pribadong kumpanya na kinakaltasan ng buwis wala kang opisinang pang gobyerno ka pa naman nagtatrabaho at sa marikina pa pero bakit ganyan ugali mo.

  4. Why are the mails not regularly delivered at Parang, Marikina? Last time, I received a bunch of mails which were postmarked August 13 and 17, 2013 by the Marikina Postal Office. But it was only delivered to me at least 20~30 days after. Even got this parcel notice that will expire in the next five days but was not delivered to me on time. It was postmarked Aug. 13 if I’m not mistaken, but I received the notice 5 days before it will expire. Funny thing is that I received a second warning notice weeks after even though I have claimed this already.

    And now, my mails haven’t reached my mailbox. And I’m expecting a lot. If only I could, I would have went straight to Marikina Postal Office to claim my mails but alas I have an engagement called work.

    I hope the postman assigned to our place do their jobs too. Let action be done.


  5. My house is at 310 Gen. Ordoñez, Marikina, Hts. between the abandoned ERDA school at 308 and a hidden welding steel furniture business at 312, my neighbors have dilapidated or unlocked gates open to thieves, even past mid-night. Most of the houses in my residential area have been broken into, including my own, I believe that the neglected and open gates of adjacent neighbors is 1 obvious factor why thieves are emboldened in Marikina Hts. Can the barangay please inform such irresponsible home/lot owners to secure their premises gates, or pass an ordinance to this effect, because I would like to petition for it.

  6. I am writing to warn all, that Gen. Ordoñez St., East Drive, Marikina heights is one big fire trap, a disaster waiting to happen like the deadly Kentex factory fire in Valenzuela this May 2015. Look what happened last year, in July 2014 during typhoon Glenda. That morning I smelled something burning, at first I thought I was just smelling stale burgers being disposed at the nearby Wendy’s Hamburger incinerators, but their warehouse was actually on fire. Realizing this, I was the first to call in the fire emergency to report that fire broke out. If that fire had not been put out in time, it could have spread to the nearby metro gas plant, a stones’ throw away and the entire residential area would have been set ablaze resulting in many casualties. Yet the barangay and city officials still turn a blind eye after the fire incident, quoted in the media as citing a commercial-residential city ordinance that excuses such eminent hazard to public safety. My next door neighbor too, operates a hidden welding steelworks factory, and right next to the Metro gas plant itself is another big steel welding factory. If we look at google maps, we can see how close in proximity these fire hazards are to each other. Let us remember that it was careless welding that started the Kentex fire! So, as a resident of Marikina Hts., I propose that likeminded concerned citizens circulate/submit petitions to repeal and burn that city commercial-residential ordinance, so that unregulated highly flammable, business establishments such as bulk fuel, welding and warehouse incinerators, are phased out from densely populated residential areas. Those that currently are, must pass strict regular monthly environmental and city fire inspection to operate or face immediate closure. So that all may know, this must be certified in big bold letters, “PASSED REGULAR MONTHLY CITY FIRE SAFETY INSPECTION” posted on their front gates.

  7. We are very grateful to the Marikina City Government for the initiative of featuring Marrod’s in its website, an unselfish gesture from our Local Government that we found encouraging, especially, done as such for a small business venture, like our restaurant!

    The article was so wonderfully written, that we could not help but read through it over and over again; we never expected that reading about us could be so interesting! The structure of the article is simple, yet eloquence and beauty were present, to inspire awe; making it so engaging as to transport us back and rekindle our magical moments abroad!

    Once again, we thank you for making us feel good!

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