Transformers from Scrap

Trash can?

Nope its not! I think this is supposed to be a version of R2D2. Built from scrap materials.

This is just one of the many Robot-like figures that you can find in Marikina City. Its part of the City’s Christmas decorations with the theme TRANSFORMERS.

This year, their celebration is dubbes as “The Transformers of Marikina City”.

“The Christmas festival embodies Marikina’s commitment to bring cheer to residents and visitors alike in ways that also emphasize the city’s spirit of kinship and creativity,” said Marikina Mayor Marides Fernando. –

Here are more odd looking robots. See if you can name what they are trying to represent…

I have no idea what this one is..

Praying Mantis robot?

I think this one is the Predator robot

Looks like robocop transformed into an alien. hahhahaa

Oh, i think this one is a referee.

Alien (from alien vs predator)

This one is from Dragon Ball.

“Metal drummer bot” (hahahha)

Bee! (or is it a fly?)

This one i have no idea too..

I think this pic is the one used in the movie Ghost Rider!

There are more robots scattered around the city.. You still have a chance to see them if you go to Marikina. They’d still be displayed until January 13, 2008.

Whoever did these robots are verrrry good and verry imaginative! Hats off to you guys!

The the next question is…. HOW MUCH? How much did the City spend for these robots? And What do they plan to do with them after the “festival” ends?

I suggest that they sell this robots via auction. The highest bidder wins! Or they can put these on the City Museum. It will be a very nice addition.

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